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Peforming Arts Booster Club

  • The FIRST meeting for the 2019-2020 school year is set for Thursday, August 23, 2019, in the Teacher's Workroom (Room 23).

    Established in Oct. of 2009, this organization supports the WHS Tiger Stars Drill Team, the Band and Color Guard, and the Choir, Drama, Speech & Debate Clubs. It depends entirely upon the participation of the members, parents & club directors. 

    The Performing Arts Booster Club (PABC) was organized at the beginning of the 2009-2010 school year, to better help the students and parents of the WHS Tiger Stars Drill Team, the WHS Band, the WHS Choir, the WHS Drama Club and the WHS Speech Club. Prior to this, there existed only The WHS Band & Drill Team Booster Club. It is our hope that by combining all these “performing arts”, we can work together to offer each of our individual departments a degree of financial assistance. 

    Our Mission 
    1. to grant scholarships to the eligible graduating seniors of each individual organization, 
    2. to raise additional funds to offer assistance to the directors in acquiring much needed performance-related items such as uniform pieces, pom-poms, flags, costumes, or other such items as we may choose, 
    3. to raise additional funds to offer assistance to the parents and students for camp and contest expenditures such as room and board, or the special needs that a student might encounter upon advancing to regional or state competitions, or other such items as we may choose. 

    Special Note: Our mission should not be misconstrued to mean that we are offering complete financial assistance to the degree that all or most performance-related expenditures associated with being a member of any of the five individual groups will be covered completely by our organization. It is our hope that, by having our independent fundraisers, we will be able to offset a portion of these costs for every student within our supported groups. 

    At this time, the board has chosen NOT to require yearly dues from its members. 

    Any assistance we are able to provide will be the direct result of the participation of the parents and students in our fundraising efforts. Therefore, our organization must be well represented by the parents and students of all five individual groups in order to be the best supporters of our students. As a new and evolving organization, we greatly desire input from all our parents and directors. We need your leadership, your talents and your fresh ideas. 

    Please join us on the second Tuesday of each month for the PABC meetings at 6:00 pm in room 23.

    As a member of the PABC, it is requested that parents and students participate as much as possible in our fundraising events which may include any of the following (actual dates to be announced nearer to the event):

    • WHS JV and Varsity Football Game Concessions (Aug. - Nov.)
    • Concessions forWHS Performing Arts Events throughout the year

    However, the only GUARANTEED fundraising events are the Football Game Concessions. These nights Provide the necessary income the club needs to provide scholarships and assistance to the students and the Performing Arts program at WISD.

    In order to qualify for a scholarship, it is required that all parents work a minimum of one (1) Friday night and the student work a minimum of one (1) Thursday night. If a student is not involved in a Friday night activity, they are more than welcome to work a Friday night instead. Any extenuating circumstances that affect a student or parent’s ability to work Thursday or Friday night must be approved by the board. For more detailed scholarship requirements, please refer to the scholarship information page.

     Looking forward to a great year! Go Tigers!