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JROTC Leadership and Academic Bowl JLAB

The JROTC Leadership & Academic Bowl (JLAB) is a nationally recognized academic competition created exclusively for JROTC students. Cadets who participate will test their knowledge and leadership skills through competing in a series of rounds against other JLAB teams.

The benefits of participating in JLAB are:

• Increased interest in college admissions

• Improve leadership skills

• Demonstrate the academic and leadership strengths of the JROTC program

• Boost "esprit-de-corps"

• Share your leadership experience and best practices with other JROTC units

• Earn the opportunity to travel to our nation’s capital

The academic category focuses on

• ACT Practice

• SAT Practice

• English, Science and Math Coursework

JROTC cadets learn the values of citizenship, leadership, academic competition, and college opportunity.

Teams are comprised of 6 Cadets (4 primary and 2 Alternates) for each team (schools may submit more than one team, but members cannot be on more than one team).

Seniors cannot participate as team members but are encouraged to serve as mentors.

Cadets who participate in JLAB will receive (free of charge)

  • Resources for college admissions and funding
  • Student planning guides
  • College exam study guides
  • Admissions tutorials
  • Personalized counseling

AY 21-22 JLAB Guide and Rules