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Color Guard

TX-954 Ceremonial Color Guard Creed

Handpicked to serve as a member of the Wharton High School AFJROTC Color Guard, my standards of conduct and level of professionalism must be above reproach, for I represent all others in my school.

Others earned the right for me to wear the uniform, one that is honored in a rich tradition and history.  I will honor their memory by wearing it properly and proudly.

Never will I allow my performance to be dictated by the type of ceremony, severity of temperature, or size of the crowd.  I will remain superbly conditioned to perfect all movement throughout every drill and ceremony.

Obligated by my oath, I am constantly driven to excel by a deep devotion to duty and a strong sense of dedication.

Representing every member, past and present, of Wharton High School and the United States Air Force, I vow to stand sharp, crisp, and motionless, for I AM a Ceremonial guardsman.


The Color Guard is a group consisiting of either four or five cadets (depending on event) that present the National Colors, Texas Colors and the Air Force JROTC colors at all home varsity football pep rallies and games.  The Colors (flags) will always be accompanied by two rifle bearers.  Additionally, the Color Guard participates in numerous ceremonies in support of the Wharton community throughout the year.  To say the Color Guard is the most visible of the Air Force JROTC teams would be an understatement.

Presenting the Colors is a military tradition dating back to the beginning of our country. When performing a Color Guard, these cadets form a line. The cadets on each end carry rifles, while the cadets in the middle carry the required Colors. Before the event, they present their flags and rifles. After the event, the Color Guard ensures the proper retiring of the Colors.  The opportunities the Color Guard presents are a valuable and rewarding addition to any cadet’s time in Air Force JROTC.


  • There is no maximum number of Cadets who can participate as part of the Color Guard (cadets will rotate for events to give all Color Guard members an opportunity to shine).
  • Cadets with physical limitations who want to participate as part of the Color Guard will be accommodated to the maximum extent possible.
  • Every member of the Color Guard must be a cadet in good standing with Air Force JROTC.
  • All Color Guard members must have their Service Dress uniform to perform the Color Guard.

All Color Guard members need to know the procedures of the Color Guard, which will be taught to them by the Color Guard Team Leader and can be found in the TX-954 Color Guard and Drill Team Handbook. 

Training Slides for Convocation

TX-954 Color Guard and Drill Team Handbook

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